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There were maybe 15 of us that localized/lived at his mom's house when Winchester skate park was bulldozed. We built the ramp and did what we did all day. At night it was off to some curbs or banks in my car, or to Briner Hall in Campbell for a gig. It was those local gigs that prompted Stevie to form a band and to recruit me into his latest wild hair, The Faction. We quickly got up to speed thanks to the only self imposed rule the Faction ever had: play tight, which of course was initiated by Stevie. When we started gigin' in the Bay Area, we were as ready as Stevie was for a contest as a pro skater. Our tours were incredible! 

- Gavin O'Brien

Gavin O'Brien - Vocals

Steve Caballero - Bass, later switched to guitar

Russ White - Original guitarist (1982)

Adam Bomb Segal - Lead guitar

Keith Rendon - Drums

Ray Stevens 2 - Bass (1985)

Craig Bosch - Drums (1985)

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